Our Initiatives

Your Sodexo Campus Dining Team is dedicated to sustainability. We know we can all work together to make a positive impact right here at Linfield University.

Reusable To-Go (R2G) Container Program

Reusable To-Go (R2G) Container Program Available @ Dillin Hall
Dining Services is once again offering a reusable to-go (R2G) container program, which may be purchased for use at Dillin Hall from the Wildcat Express cashier for a one-time cost of $5. Customers are permitted to fill the R2G container with a variety of food options available within the Dillin Hall servery – no meal plan required. Payment for the R2G container and meals may be made using Meal Swipes, Flex Dollars, Wildcat Cash and/or major credit card. More information about the R2G container program is available in Dillin Hall and on the Dining Services webpage.

Select, Pay & Enjoy:
When choosing a meal to-go, customers will have the option to take a napkin, plastic utensils and a cup and lid. When choosing the to-go option, the customer is acknowledging that they have chosen to take their meal to-go; if they would like to eat a meal in Dillin in addition to taking a meal to-go, they will be charged for two meals. Customers are not permitted to eat a meal in Dillin Hall and then remove extra food in a R2G container.

Return & Repeat:
There is no need to wash your R2G container! Simply discard trash or uneaten food, wipe or rinse to remove large food debris before showing your R2G container to the Wildcat Express cashier, and then returning the R2G container to the Dish Belt return in Dillin Hall to be washed and sanitized. Those who return used R2G containers may choose to receive either a clean and sanitized R2G container to use immediately or a carabiner for exchange at a later time.

About the Box:
Through the R2G program, Linfield Dining Services is creating additional value for customers by providing a new way to enjoy a meal from Dillin Hall while also reducing the use of disposable to-go containers. The R2G container is microwave safe, dishwasher safe, NSF Certified, BPA Free and 100% recyclable at the end of its usage.

Food Safety Tips:

  • Please make sure your container is properly closed before taking your meal with you to your next destination. 
  • Please adhere to the Oregon Health Department food safety instructions if you choose to store your meal before consumption. 
  • Please note that per Oregon Food Sanitation Rules, only containers provided by Dining Services may be used.
  • Outside carryout containers are not permitted. 
  • Misuse of the program may result in loss of privileges. 
  • Failure to follow the established guidelines could compromise the future of this program.